Afrikan Black Soap Base


You get 10lbs for $75

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Our Afrikan Black Soap Base is naturally developed in a small village in Ghana and its Coconut oil free. As seen being used for years now developing our natural soaps via live video, just like us you too can just add your favorite essential oil of choice, herbs of choice, and you can even buy our Aloe Vera Juice to help gel it together. Right in your own home you and your family can now make your own soaps because we’ve completed the hard part. Just get this base, buyy you a soap mold to mold in like us, mold away & enjoy. NO Alcohols, NO Carcinogens, NO Cancer causing agents, NO Lye and NO LIE’s in our soap base. For Completed soap loaves with herbs and essential oils already just visit our other website order NOW! If you are interested in seeing final product just after herbs and essentials oils are added visit the soap section on our other website, link is below…